symptoms of bleeding fibroids

what causes a fibroid to bleed? Well first, we must first take into consideration as to what a fibroid is. A fibroid is a benign tumour that usually grows along the soft muscles of a woman's uterine wall or uterus. The pressure that the fibroid bring along the area within the uterus causes an enlargement of the actual cavity. Then after that pelvic cavity enlargement, it follows that when it exceeds its "supposed" size, it will cause a bleeding - either light (minor cases) or profuse (sever cases).

But one should take an extra caution in assuming about this bleeding. A simple blood while urinating is not attributable to fibroid bleeding for it could be caused by several factors like stress, other disease, and the like. A thorough exam is highly mandatory to determine whether or not such bleeding fibroid exists.

Some negative effects that bleeding fibroids could offer are headaches, dizziness, anemia (because of the probable significant loss of blood), physical and emotional distress, etc.

There are several treatments to fibroids. In particular, they could be via natural means of some alternatives. As always, the natural way is the best way to treat any kind of diseases. Look for one that fits you well.